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    Effect of dietary protein intake on creatinine excretion and the creatinine-nitrogen ratio in bovine urine.
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    Lifespan efficiencies of grain and forage utilization by lactating cows relative to milk yield. 

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    Influence of ambient ammonia odor on acceptance of a nonurea ration by lactating cows.
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    Calf health, performance, and experimental results under a commercial-research facility and program. 

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    Effect of level of energy intake and influence of breed and sex on the chemical composition of cattle. 

    J. Anim. Sci. 51:604.
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    Chemical composition and carcass specific gravity in cattle: effect of level of energy intake and influence of breed and sex. 

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    Eating rate of lactating cows fed four physical forms of the same grain ration. 

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    Factors influencing intake of high urea-containing rations by lactating dairy cows.
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    Ruminal infusion of ammonium chloride in lactating cows to determine effect of pH on ammonia trapping.

    J. Dairy Sci. 66:2597.
  13. Kertz, A.F., L.F. Reutzel, and J. H Mahoney. 1984.
    Ad libitum water intake by neonatal calves and its relationship to calf starter intake, weight gain, feces score and season. 
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    Borden Symposium:  Effect of new milk protein determination technologies on the dairy industry:  crude versus true protein.  Introduction. 

    J. Dairy Sci. 75:3191.
  17. Standaert, F.E., D.A Deetz, R.W. Palmer, and A.F. Kertz. 1994.
    A model to estimate total costs for dairy commodity feeding programs. 
    The Prof. Animal Scientist  10:102-111.
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    Animal care and use:  An issue now and in the future.

    J. Anim. Sci. 74:257-261. (Invitational paper)
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    Body weight, body condition score, and wither height of prepartum Holstein cows and body weight and sex of calves by parity.
    A database and summary.  J. Dairy Sci.  80:525-529.
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    Relative efficiencies of wither height and body weight increase from birth until first calving in Holstein cattle. 

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    Variability in delivery of nutrients to lactating dairy cows. 
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    Effect of fiber level and physical form of starter on growth and development of dairy calves fed no forage. 

    The Prof. Anim. Scientist 23:395-400.
  24. Kertz, A. F.  2007.  
    Letter to the Editor:
    Pelleted calf starter with straw access can confound results:  A comment on Bach et al.
    J. Dairy Sci. 90:4924.
  25. Rastani, R. R. and A. F. Kertz. 2008. 
    Letter to the Editor:
      Differences in forage to concentrate ratios can confound results:  a comment on Petit et al.

    J. Dairy Sci. 91-2533.
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    Review:  Urea feeding to dairy cattle:  A historical perspective and review. 

    The Prof. Anim. Scientist 26:257-272.
  27. Thornsberry, R. M. and A. F. Kertz.  2010. 
    Veterinary Related Issues Associated with Feeding Free Fatty Acids to Dairy Cows Pre- and Postpartum. 

    The Bovine Practitioner, 44:1-11.
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