Balance milk replacer and starter feeding

Weaning slumps can be avoided

NAHMS 2014 Survey Data on calves in USA

Abstracts on Calves from JAM 2016 in Salt Lake City

27. Grow heifers to meet your needs (Crie vaquillas que alcancen sus metas). p. 719-720, December 2015.

Heifer performance is multi-faceted (El desarrollo de las becerras tiene muchas facetas). p. 110-111. February 2015.

Tenemos que pensar mas alla de los costos (We need to think beyond the costs) HD Espanol 2014 Oct p. 632 and 633

las becerrras tambien necesitan confort Sep 2014 p. 568 and 569

Calves need comfort too.

22. Get calves of to a good start (Haga que las becerras tengan un buen comienzo). p. 38-39, January 2014.

Selected abstracts on calves and heifers from the annual Joint Animal and Dairy Science Meetings

Stunt growth, stunt future performance (Retraso en el crecimiento, retraso en el rendimiento future)

Growth targets for young calves are well documented.  Now hone in on what should occur from weaning to first-calving

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