JAM 2014 Abstract Reviews

Selected abstracts on calves and heifers reviewed from JAM 2014 in Kansas City

we must move beyond costs

Comparisons of costs and efficiencies of raising calves and heifers

Calf Comfort Factors

Synopses of Some Key Calf/Heifer Abstracts from JAM 2013

Custom rearing is an emerging business

Results from 2011 NAHMS data provide current information on calf and heifer rearing

Get calves off to a good start

Review of select JAM 2013 abstracts on calves/heifers

Stunt growth, stunt future performance

Growth targets for young calves are well documented.  Now hone in on what should occur from weaning to first-calving. August 10, tadalafil 2013, p. 493

Water the most essential nutrient

Across dairy cows, sick heifers, and calves, water is consumed at the rate of about 4 times dry matter intake

Heat stress shortchanges heifers

Heat stress effects on calf and heifer performance

Calfhood impacts cowhood

Calf growth affects subsequent lactations.

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